Tube Mills & Roll Forming Lines

Tube mills and roll forming lines make a natural pairing. So do roll forming lines and tube mills.
The immediate result of considering these familiar topics in reverse order is a shift in emphasis: onto the sheer number and variety of rollformed products in the world-form guardrails and doorframes to helicopter blades, converyor systems and railway cars.
If there were such a think as enless list, roll formed products would be a leading candidate. Another sizable list could be compiled of the industries that would be hampered-indeed crippled-without them. Of course, the same might be said of single pre-eminent product of a state of the art tube mill. But that would be to restate the obvious.
Cold rolling mill design types can be divided into many kinds, can meet different processing needs to be customized. According to different standards to distinguish the type of mill. If you choose according to the plate processing, cold-rolling mill used in the processing of sheet metal can be hot-rolled and cold-rolled two, in the precise thickness of the rolling case, the mill can be divided into cold-rolled plate Two types of cold-rolling mills are also available.
If you need cold-rolled strip to distinguish cold rolling mills, the rolling mill can be divided into continuous rolling mill and reversing rolling mill. However, mill tension is also one of the more important content, mill tension problems generally occur in the rolling, rolling process is an important manifestation. In the strip cold rolling production, high tension rolling is a feature in the production, if the tension system is reasonable, then you can ensure the stability of the rolling process, as well as the quality of finished strip good control. High-tension cold rolling mill can prevent the phenomenon of deviation from the workpiece, and at the same time it has the function of adjusting automatically so that the rolling plate can be flat and reduce the rolling pressure to avoid deformation, so as to improve the production efficiency and improve the working work the amount.

Post time: Jul-26-2021